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“LUXURY” lives in Rosemary Beach

Spring is almost here and the sunny days are warming up Rosemary Beach.  As we approach the Easter holiday, more and more visitors will be in our town. Whether they are here for the first time or returning, everyone agrees how beautiful our community is. Added to that beauty is the synergy of our vibrant Town Center with all it offers, plus the pristine beach, our pools & tennis, and that adds up to the perfect vacation destination!

I hear a lot of people talking about the LUXURY Real Estate market and that is where Rosemary Beach stands out from the crowd. I say “LUXURY lives here” because we have the finest collection of homes and outstanding  architecture on  SCENIC HWY. 30-A.  Some people can talk about it, but WE LIVE IT! We have 4 community pools, strategically spread  throughout  the town, and one of those is heated for use 365 days a year. We have 8 tennis courts that are the finest clay surfaces, and 6 of these are lit for evening play. When we ended 2014, Rosemary Beach had the highest average price home of any community at $1,602,985. You can compare that to the average home on Hwy. 30-A’s average price of $800.511.  and easily  see  the “value added” factor of being in a planned community.  Appreciation of property since 2012 has been incredible, with a 30% increase in average prices in Rosemary Beach, compared to 26% on Scenic Highway 30-A, 12% in Watercolor, and a -13% in Seaside.  Watersound has a 53% increase, but they have added a lot of new inventory, including homes on the north side of Hwy 98 in the Origins community. We however, have no new lots available for development and are basically “built out”. That’s good for our property values as well!

In Rosemary Beach property values differ from the Park side (north of Scenic Hwy 30-A) to the Gulf side(south of Scenic Hwy 30-A) and it is fun to watch these numbers. We used to call it the “million dollar walk” across the highway, and  that’s still true today. On the Park side, 32 homes sold and the average price home sold is $1,285,000. ( $528./sq.ft.)  On the gulf side, 20 homes sold and the average price is $2,625,000. ($872/sq.ft.). Guess it’s a little bit more than a “million dollar walk”, almost a million and a half! Considering there are only 26 homes available to buy on the gulf side, and 18 homes available on the park side, those who want to purchase should have a sense of urgency and those who want to sell, have a great  time to enter the market. The new “Rosemary Owner’s Center” pool and amphitheater complex should increase the Park’s side values once it opens to Homeowners only. What an incentive to buy!

The 2 largest Gulf front sales in 2014 were sold on the East end of Scenic Highway 30-A, and were sold by agents in our office. 11 Spanish Town Court , in Rosemary Beach, sold  in June for $8,343,750. on 76’ of gulf front ( 5000 sq. ft. ). 68 Paradise by the Sea, a subdivision between Alys Beach and Rosemary, sold for $7,800,000. on 60’ of gulf front  (5722 sq. ft.).  Three gulf front homes sold in Paradise by the Sea and 3 in the Watersound community. 25 gulf front homes sold last year and there are only 21 on the market between here and Grayton Beach. There are only 2 gulf front homes available to buy in Rosemary Beach at this time.

What about gulf front lots? 21 sold last year, with prices ranging from $977,000 in Sandcliffs subdivision  (50’ lot)  to $6,500,000 in Alys Beach( 52’ lot).  There are only 8 gulf front lots available to buy at this time, with prices ranging from $1,695,000. for 48’ up to $4,000,000. for 107’.

Twenty years ago, our developers were planning  & starting to develop this community that has now become the best Traditional Neighborhood on the highway. Stay tuned for more information about our 20th birthday Celebration coming  this Fall.

Our community had a great year, and 4 of the top 5 agents in Rosemary Beach are in our office. We know this town best and we love to talk Real Estate. And remember, WE SELL ALL of 30-A! Come by to see us at our office on N. Barrett Square to pick up your free Sales Recap of all Traditional Neighborhoods.  We are open 7 days a week and a trained professional is always here to help you. You will be greeted with a smile…promise!