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#NOTONMY30A – Paving Paradise

Planning Commission Meeting 1/14/15

Approval  for Hampton Inn?

An overflowing crowd with standing room only in the lobby of the  South Walton Courthouse Annex

Standing in lobby, watching hearing on TV, these are my thoughts….

Why do developers get to “pay off”  our County to break rules of density and traffic concurrency? Is that legal? Seems that a precedent has been set….

The developer plans to build a 90 room Hampton Inn on SCENIC HWY 30-A that will sleep 1-6 people in each room. They say 1.1 car per room is sufficient to meet County code. There will be at least 2 cars per room, plus the cleaning people & front desk staff.  4 people per room x 90 = 360+ additional people on the beach and Scenic Hwy 30-A = DISASTER!  How many people will be lined up at the 3-way stop ? Our streets & roads cannot handle all the additional traffic

As one “smart man” said, more than 400 people “shoehorned” into 2 acres ??

Flooding is a huge issue in this area and their storm water  run-off plans are questionable…

Village Mixed Use means retail and lodging…their plan calls for 660 sf of “Food pantry”

This will take away jobs from our local “Mom & Pop” rental companies and all the support staff who depends on them for their livelihood

Not to mention the church next door where the overflow parking will likely choose to park. The traffic getting in & out of church on Sunday morning at “check out” time will require a policeman, and there will be alcohol served at motel and at the pool beside the Sanctuary

Bike path across the street will require a crosswalk for safe access from motel

Why can’t ALL the homeowners unite and file a class action lawsuit against the County for this type of destruction of property values? Look at the  neighborhoods adjacent  to the property…what happens to their property values?

SMART GROWTH is the answer. Get this development code under control right now before we become Destin! Does our Planning Commission have good discretion? Or the courage to say NO! ?? Apparently  they DO NOT!

Our property values are based on what we do NOT have! Like franchises & fast food….

Paving “Paradise” to put up a parking lot for a cheap motel? UGH!